The ‘Lakeside Loaf’

Now going back in time it so happens that your Host is related to the original Baker of the Banbury Cake and many of his ancestors have derived their living or part of from Baking. Even to this day relatives have still got the ‘Natural’ touch for Baking! So when you visit Lakeside you have the chance to taste the fresh delights of the ‘Lakeside Loaf’ to accompany the popular Lakeside Scandinavian Breakfast.



/lōf/ Noun – A quantity of bread that is shaped and baked in one piece and usually sliced before being eaten.

How to Get the Recipe? 

Well to qualify for that secret your Host, under much pressure and demand, has decided for a short period to part with the Family Jewel. To qualify for the Recipe – All you have to do is stay one night at Lakeside and all will be revealed. So after enjoying your stay in Weymouth you will be able to relive, at least in part, by taste and smell the ‘Lakeside Loaf’.

Homemade Bread at Lakeside
Lakeside Guest House